1 February 2012

It's been a while

Firstly, let me apologise for leaving it so long.

Secondly, let me update on all that has happened.  Well, I say all that has happened there's not actually been that much.

Module 2 is very nearly complete.  I have managed to draw 2 schematic plans, 3 technical plans (2 floor plans and a wall elevation) and provide a rationale for my final design.  It's now just a case of uploading the documents for assessment.  I'm not 100% happy with the final results of my drawings as they are hand-drawn - AutoCAD still evades me, although I did receive AutoCAD 2010 for Dummies for Christmas so hopefully I'll conquer some parts of it for my next module.  If there's any good sites that give basic information I would be very grateful for the addresses.

The amount of information I had to find out about different regulations when it comes to offices was astonishing!  There was the obvious of how much room is needed for seats under desks but then there was the downright ridiculous of how far apart urinals had to be - never thought I would every need to know that information (or indeed there were regulations) but I'm now learning to expect the unexpected and just make sure I think everything through thoroughly.

I have now become a part-time worker of 4 days a week, not by choice, which I'm actually ok about - at least it gives me more time to do my course.  Continuously positive thinking (mainly anyway).

In other news, Issue 2 of 91 Magazine is out now and can be viewed at www.91magazine.co.uk - it's a jolly good read and very pretty.

And now it's February - January seemed to disappear quite quickly in the end.  February brings a little bit more sunshine, lighter mornings and a feel of a fresh beginning - spring's just round the corner :).

14 November 2011

And on we go

Now with module 1 submitted, module 2 awaits.  On first inspection (of the assignments only admittedly) there seems to be a lot more work involved, this makes me think I didn't do nearly enough work for module 1.

This module has us designing a layout for an office over 2 floors of a listed building - very interesting and completely different to anything I've had to do, or even think about, before.  So schematic plans and movement around an office are the main things I need to learn about over the next couple of weeks - this can't be too bad can it?  I work in an office, that definitely has room for improvement in terms of the layout, so I'm thinking maybe the opposite to this might be a good place to start - maybe I could cut them a good deal to redesign when I'm qualified??

I'm also about to begin teaching myself AutoCAD - ha, not much to do then...

27 October 2011


I can finally say I've completed module 1.  All assignments were submitted yesterday and I spent the rest of the evening catching up on some much needed trash television (namely Made in Chelsea and 4 Weddings US).  Acknowledgement of my submissions was emailed this afternoon and I should expect results in around 2 weeks - maybe that's why I don't feel as relieved as I thought I would!

In other news, the first edition of 91 Magazine has been launched.  It looks a-maz-ing!!  Done to such a professional quality that my article looks better than I could ever have imagined and I would love to keep contributing.  You can view the launch issue at http://www.91magazine.co.uk/

So, with module 2 next on my agenda, I'm sure you await with baited breath (as do I) as to what I'm going to be learning next about Interior Design.  I'm also going to be teaching myself a lot more about how to blog differently, so comments would be much appreciated about any upcoming changes.

2 October 2011

It's all go, go, go...

It's official - my life has been taken over!  The countdown clock is ticking down to when the assignments for my first module need to be handed in (currently at 26 days...) and boy is it ticking down fast.  Who knew producing 7 presentation boards and a report on an Interior Designer could take so long!

I am a quarter of the way through A History of Interior Design by John Pile and have half a notebook full of notes (I think I may be writing too much)!  Am I going to use all this information realistically?  Do I need to know about Aztec Interior Design?  Ok maybe I do, but really, so much information to take in. 

On top of this I'm also learning how to reference properly - having never done this before, it's been a struggle.  All the images for my presentation boards are from the internet in one way or another - do you know how hard it's been trying to find out who the author of these images is?  Or even when they were published?  I plead with you to make this information more accessible on your websites...please?!?

One of the things with distance learning is never being able to compare your work - how do I know if I'm up to par with everyone else?  Do I need to be?  Hopefully all these fears will be gone once I've received the marks for my first module but until then, panic, panic, panic.

I've also contributed an article (my very first, ever, I might add) to a new online magazine that's launching in October called 91 Magazine (91magazine.co.uk/#).  It's published by Patchwork Harmony and promises to be amazing...if it's anything like their blog and shop I think it's already guaranteed.

I think I best be off - I can't stop the clock from ticking, I have no powers in that respect, so 4 presentation boards down and 3 to go (oh and that report on an Interior Designer, damn, musn't keep forgetting that) my creativity levels are struggling but Powerpoint awaits!

30 July 2011

All signed up...

So the time has come - this is now the start of the next three years of my life.  So far I have:

  • read the introduction to my course;
  • had a sneaky peak at the first assignments; and
I guess now is not the time for regrets and thinking that I may well have wasted a lot of money - now is a time for me to gather my thoughts, create quite a long shopping list and have fun buying all the stationery I so obviously need.

Off shopping I go....

26 July 2011

Degree (aarrgghhh)

Enrolment nearly complete - I know my tutor's name, my student number and that I'm panicking already.  My official start date is the 29th July 2011 - only 2 more days to procrastinate! Now, i'm sure there's some housework or something I should be getting on with....